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Rice Facts

  • Rice helps subsistence of two-thirds world's monarchy.
  • Rice has served mankind over more than 5,000 years.
  • In 2800 BC first documented account of rice was by a Chinese emperor.
  • Colonists were the first to cultivate rice in America. It began by accident when a ship's captain made a gift of "Golde Seeded Rice" to a local planter in South Carolina.
  • Arkansas is the leading rice producing state, followed by California, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Missouri and Florida.
  • Rice is used in beer, dog food, baby food, breakfast cereals, snacks, frozen foods and sauces, and much more!
  • There is also research on growing rice that is packed with vitamins. This could help feed many people who live in countries with little food.
  • Rice can germinate and thrive in flooded fields.
  • Rice is sometimes planted by broadcasting seeds from an airplane.
  • Most of the rice grown in Arkansas is classified as long grain rice.
  • Rice is unique because it can grow in wet environments that other crops cannot survive in. Such wet environments are abundant across Asia where rice is grown.
  • Rice is a good source of insoluble fiber.
  • Rice is also rich in carbohydrates and generally low in fat.
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